An epic “data” merge

I blogged during an epic merge that took a couple weeks to complete in which I reconciled code changes between a development system and a production system which had diverged significantly over a period of a few years. Today is the day I’m going to try to tackle the corresponding data merge mentioned in that… Continue reading An epic “data” merge

Samford hosts ICPC regional programming competition

Yesterday was a successful day here in the Samford University Math/CS department hosting the Southeastern Region of the ICPC contest. As site director, I oversaw the preparation and implementation of the contest using our facilities. It would not have been a success without the help of our Computer Science director, David Luginbuhl, and colleagues Greg… Continue reading Samford hosts ICPC regional programming competition

Networking tidbits

Not sure how many people read these posts … actually, wordpress blogs do keep track of your visitor stats … here’s a quick peak. In light of that, this post is mainly for myself to remember a few networking related tasks and commands: HTTPS via bash/terminal Here are some useful commands I found for interacting… Continue reading Networking tidbits

Bringing the cloud back home

Cloud computing is the way of the future, right? Well, yes, but it’s also expensive. $55/month expensive. That adds up year-after-year, so I decided to purchase a server I could get keep running here at the house to bring all my websites back home (literally) … being careful to stay within the confines of our… Continue reading Bringing the cloud back home

End of an era

I started a combined Masters/PhD program at the amazing UC Davis Department of Computer Science in the Fall of 1999. As a grad student, I not only had access to the lab computers, but also access to a folder named “public_html” in my user account which was configured to serve up a website under the… Continue reading End of an era

Another student project success!

Today we launched a new website for the Samford Campus Recreation department. This launch is the culmination of a year’s collaborative effort with the Campus Recreation department, my Software Engineering students from last Fall, and my continued refinements throughout the academic year and summer. The previous version of the website was developed and edited exclusively… Continue reading Another student project success!

2009 ACM Southeastern Regional Programming Contest

Another year and another great performance by my programming students. They have already solved two problems and still have an hour left to go. Come on “Team Red C”! Hard work and dedication (we had to leave Samford at 5:30AM this morning and won’t get back until 10:30PM – 17 hours!)

Welcome to Spring 2009

ul{margin-left:25px} Welcome to another exciting semester at Samford University! Here is a quick summary list of the exciting classes and work just around the corner! COSC325 – emphasizing web languages to demonstrate concepts of programming languages COSC495 – senior seminar – details of student projects to be posted soon! SUVS – Samford University Virtual Supercomputer

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Final exams

I am in the process of giving my Intro to Computer Science exam right now with two more exams to go after this one. I thought I would take a minute to update on a number of projects in the works: Ajax Performance Toolkit – I am in the final stages of getting ready to… Continue reading Final exams

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