Final exams

I am in the process of giving my Intro to Computer Science exam right now with two more exams to go after this one. I thought I would take a minute to update on a number of projects in the works:

  • Ajax Performance Toolkit – I am in the final stages of getting ready to release this to web developers under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This “plug-and-play-and-configure” software allows a web developer to insert a small segment of code onto any web page to monitor the performance of Ajax requests being generated and the responses being received from a web server as well as the current load on the web server. Click on the screenshot below to see a larger image showing the toolkit applied to a page that retrieves the elevation under the cursor by sending an Ajax request to the server every time the mouse moves.
  • Overclocked Q9550 processor – back up to 3.78GHz running at 1.38 core voltage. I invested the money on a nice processor, nice motherboard, why not use its full potential? A color-coded shaded relief map of the entire state of Colorado can be generated over 20% faster with the overclocked processor as opposed to the stock setup. Here is the updated PC Mark Vantage results.

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