Independent Research

I am always open and seeking opportunities to collaborate with students on research projects – whether for class, for fun, or sometimes even for profit!

  • An investigation of the security of electronic voting [1]
  • Online digital signature verification [2]
  • A framework for migrating web application functions [3]
  • Accessible visualization of global statistics [4]

[1] – Mentor for Andrea Wilson, Miles College, BACHE Scholars in Computer Science
[2] – Mentor for Bradley Whited, Samford University, BACHE Scholars in Computer Science
[3] – Mentor for William Skinner, Birmingham Southern College, BACHE Scholars in Computer Science
[4] – Mentor for Michael Johnston, Birmingham Southern College, BACHE Scholars in Computer Science

Class Projects

  • Roboadvisor – automated student and faculty class schedule recommendation software
  • Design and implementation of a Java interpreter for Termite Scheme
  • Design and implementation of a Java interpreter for Tiny Basic
  • Design of an online store for selling maps
  • Mesa Online
  • Campus Recreation Website

Senior Projects

I have been fortunate to teach our senior seminar and project course (i.e., capstone experience) for the past nine years (2005-2014) and worked closely with students on a number of very interesting projects:


  • “An Algorithm for Detecting the Correlation between Athletic Training Programs and Injuries” by Josh Brennard
  • “A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Course Scheduling” by Laurel Matherly
  • “SimNation: User Friendly Nationalism” by Robert Webster
  • “A Cellular Automaton Approach to Model the Sea Breeze Effect” by Scott Kubina


  • “Enhancement of Traffic Using Genetic Algorithm” by Alex Karaman
  • “Using Parallel Processing To Search XML Documents” by Benjamin Dennis
  • “A Look Inside Photo Tourism” by Daniel Mills
  • “TCP/IP Optimization using a Distributed Genetic Algorithm” by Jarret Melick
  • “Web Development, Open Source and Security” by Jason Wilson
  • “A Performance Analysis of ClusterKnoppix” by William Ellis


  • “Data Mining with a Neural Network” by Michael Pruitt
  • “Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition” by Sean Hill


  • “Evolving Game Intelligence through Genetic Algorithms” by Gregory Brazda
  • “Finger Paint” by Alex Wendel
  • “Playing the Game of Chess Using a Genetic Algorithm” by Bradley Whited
  • “Optimization Modeling in Cycling Performance” by Brett Elam
  • “Sign Language Recognition with Computer Vision” by Jackson Knox, IV
  • “Benchmarking cluster performance using well known brute-force decryption algorithms” by Kyle Morton


  • “Web Based Learning” by Jonathan Alfaro
  • “Fitness Training with a Wii Balance Board” by Evan Chandlee
  • “Enhancing Facial Feature Recognition Adding Eyebrow Support” by Stephen Rhea
  • “Turtle Pattern Recognition” by Claire Richie
  • “Community Mapping” by Joshua Moore


  • “FALL OF MAN: An Efficient MMO” by Gregory Reburn
  • “Spanish Mesa App for Android” by Jonathan Zeiger
  • “Mobile Application Development” by Sem Karaman


  • “Samford Admissions App” by Keith Shoulders
  • “Samford in Space” by Adam Frew
  • “Creating with Google’s AppInventor” by Brian Birdsong and John Moody
  • “Windows Gaming App” by Nathan Tomlinson
  • “Mesa Rebuild” by Christina Vickman
  • “Design Buddy: A Virtual Room Painter for the Windows 7.5 Phone Environment


  • “BizIn: Mobile and Web Business Inventory Application” by Charlie Sanford
  • “DRM and Illegal Content Distribution” by Christian Joseph McCord
  • “Tic Tac Toe Using a Genetic Algorithm” by Jonathan Anthony Napier
  • “Box Boy: Video Game Design and the Unity Engine” by Jonathan Smith
  • “A Look into Music Visualization” by Juan Diego Campos
  • “The Framework for National Real Estate” by Nicholas John Paul Dzugan
  • “Responsive Web Design” by Payne McDowell

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