Science Olympiad


I was heavily involved in the administration of the state finals of the Science Olympiad during its seven year tenure here at Samford. Perry Tompkins (Physics) headed up the event in its early days before transitioning it to Brian Gregory (Chemistry). I took over from Brian Gregory in 2007 and directed the competition for two years before we as a faculty felt it was time to let another university contribute to the advancement of science in Alabama by hosting this great event.

Science Olympiad Resources
Below I have linked to resources that I used in learning about the Science Olympiad and creating the challenge I used in judging the 2005 “Compute This!” event. These resources should be helpful for students and teachers preparing for future competitions.

Compute This!
In 2005 and 2006, I judged the “Compute This!” competition. I have posted below a copy of the computing challenge I created and used for the event:

  • 2005 Compute This! DOC | PDF
  • 2005 Compute This! Solution Guide ZIP
  • 2006 Compute This! DOC | PDF
  • 2006 Compute This! Solution Guide ZIP

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