495-Senior Project

Senior Seminar and Project

Catalog Description

Capstone experience for computer science majors. Major emphasis on reviewing the entire range of topics studied within the curriculum and providing individual students an opportunity to accomplish a significant research or software development project. Students give both oral and written presentations of their projects and are required to take the Major Field Test (MFT) exam. Topic, scope, and (if appropriate) software to be used in the project must be approved in advance by the professor(s). Prereqs: Grades of C or better in one 400-level and two 300- level COSC courses and MATH 240. Offered: Spring.

Project descriptions

I have helped oversee a wide variety of senior projects throughout the years. Here is a partial list of topics covered in these projects:

  • Website deployment and development frameworks
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Mobile and desktop gaming
  • Computer simulations
  • Exercise science
  • Robotics and remote sensing
  • E-commerce websites