Another student project success!

Today we launched a new website for the Samford Campus Recreation department. This launch is the culmination of a year’s collaborative effort with the Campus Recreation department, my Software Engineering students from last Fall, and my continued refinements throughout the academic year and summer.

The previous version of the website was developed and edited exclusively through Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG editor. We wanted to provide an easier to use tool which would allow the campus recreation department to make changes to the site using their web browser instead of a separate standalone program. Also, information that needed to appear on several pages should only have to be changed once, rather than having to make a change on each individual page. We created an administrative backoffice for making changes to information such as facility hours, dates for registration for intramural sports, etc… that needs to be duplicated across several pages on the website.

Our implementation was completed using PHP, JavaScript, and AJAX with most of the site content stored in a MySQL database.

So, without further ado, we are proud to present the new Campus Recreation website:

Update: after several years of use, Samford reworked its entire website to unify the various school, department, and student activity websites (including Campus Recreation). Sadly, our project was abandoned at that point, but we were happy to be of service for a few years. 

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