More NUC fun

So my replacement Crucial TForce SSD on my NUC died after about a year and a half of use. Not detected any more internally. In an external enclosure, it is detected but then the formatting process causes a complete lock-up of the formatting program and never finishes. In any case, I bought a replacement for… Continue reading More NUC fun

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Bringing the cloud back home

Cloud computing is the way of the future, right? Well, yes, but it’s also expensive. $55/month expensive. That adds up year-after-year, so I decided to purchase a server I could get keep running here at the house to bring all my websites back home (literally) … being careful to stay within the confines of our… Continue reading Bringing the cloud back home

Trouble in paradise

My migration to a new server for all the web-based projects I’m hosting has been going great … until now. This morning, I woke up and was working on my main computer when I noticed that my server wasn’t kicking up every few minutes to refresh the OSM planet database. I turned on the screen… Continue reading Trouble in paradise

New Home

Welcome to the new home on the web for my faculty blog. Moving the blog here has simplified the update process for the site as and all of the default plugins and themes are automatically updated. Also, this reduces the attack surface area on my university’s network. Look for more frequent posts in the… Continue reading New Home

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Back up and running

Downtime One of the many great things about Samford University is that faculty and lab computers are on a lease system through Dell. That means that every three years, I get to log onto the Dell website and configure my new machine with the hardware that I want as long as I stay within the… Continue reading Back up and running

Overclocking update

One thing I have learned over the last week is that overclocking is challenging and somewhat addictive. I thought it was a simple tweak of the BIOS settings, but soon you find yourself tweaking the settings to try to get every last MHz out of your processor at the lowest possible voltage settings to avoid… Continue reading Overclocking update

Overlocking adventure

I have always been conservative when it comes to the stability of my computer systems. My reasoning is that I have invested too much money in the equipment to ruin it by being performance greedy. Today, though, I read an interesting article on Tom’s Hardware that convinced me to give overclocking a try. Motivation I… Continue reading Overlocking adventure

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