This page used to be called “Interests”, and I do have a variety of interests, but my true passion in life has always been to ride my bike as fast and as far as I can. The freedom and adventure that can be found on two wheels is irresistible to me.


Gas prices are really high! Time for training is really short. What can you do? Ride your bike to work! That’s what I do every day. I live on one side of Shades Mountain and work on the other side of it, so it’s up and over the mountain twice a day. I love it, and I think I would go crazy if I had to drive to work in all the traffic around here. Check out this slice of a map of my commute route (colors represent different elevations with red being the highest elevation):

Round trip commute to/from Samford up and over Shades Mountain both ways.


I used to get home from school, hop on my ten speed, and race the school bus around the neighborhood. Years later I found myself in grad school racing my bike against cars around town in Davis, California. Now, a few years after that I am racing bikes against professional bike racers around the country!

You can read all about my bike racing adventures on my cycling blog:

Cheaha Challenge Ultra - photo by Tracey White
Nearing the end of a nearly 1,000 mile racing adventure, Brian Toone competes in the Cheaha Challenge Ultra after riding to the start of a different race in Tennessee, doing that 325 mile race, then biking to the start of the Cheaha Challenge, and then afterwards biking back home to Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Tracey White