5th generation programming language?

1st generation programming languages – MACHINE LANGUAGE In the beginning there was machine language – 1s and 0s only, sometimes entered by manually connecting cables into the right spot and setting the correct switches the right way (e.g., ENIAC). This is what is meant as a 1st generation programming language. 2nd gen languages – ASSEMBLY… Continue reading 5th generation programming language?

homeGPT, cont’d

Stanford Alpaca takes the LLaMA pre-trained model released by the Meta AI and “fine-tunes” the model to respond better to natural language questions and prompts (exactly what chatGPT does). Note, the screenshot above is from LLaMA, not from Alpaca. This shows you the value that alpaca adds as the output from the example LLaMA is… Continue reading homeGPT, cont’d

Improper access control

That’s a lot of duplicates! I’ve written a script to remove duplicates. I’ve run that script multiple times, and every few months when I go to create a new lifetime overlay of all my rides, I’ve noticed the duplicates have reappeared. Well, it’s been a couple months and they are back! My first thought was… Continue reading Improper access control

iMac woes

Early in the summer I found my late 2014 iMac had restarted itself once or twice on its own with “Unexpected Shutdown” messages. One time, it failed to reboot and took me to the Recovery screen with Disk Utility as an option. I ended up “checking” the drives and it reported no errors and so… Continue reading iMac woes