5th generation programming language?

1st generation programming languages – MACHINE LANGUAGE In the beginning there was machine language – 1s and 0s only, sometimes entered by manually connecting cables into the right spot and setting the correct switches the right way (e.g., ENIAC). This is what is meant as a 1st generation programming language. 2nd gen languages – ASSEMBLY… Continue reading 5th generation programming language?

Samford hosts ICPC regional programming competition

Yesterday was a successful day here in the Samford University Math/CS department hosting the Southeastern Region of the ICPC contest. As site director, I oversaw the preparation and implementation of the contest using our facilities. It would not have been a success without the help of our Computer Science director, David Luginbuhl, and colleagues Greg… Continue reading Samford hosts ICPC regional programming competition

2009 ACM Southeastern Regional Programming Contest

Another year and another great performance by my programming students. They have already solved two problems and still have an hour left to go. Come on “Team Red C”! Hard work and dedication (we had to leave Samford at 5:30AM this morning and won’t get back until 10:30PM – 17 hours!)

ACM Programming Practice

I am coaching a team of students preparing to put their programming skills to the test in the 2008 ACM Southeast USA Regional competition and then hopefully onto the world finals in Stockholm, Sweeden. Today we solved a practice problem from the 2006 regional competition. Check out the ACM programming page for details, the problem,… Continue reading ACM Programming Practice