Computer upgrade status

On Tuesday, the new 500GB seagate hard drives arrived at the house. This was to be my first experience setting up drives in a RAID configuration let alone installing a windows operating system onto it — definitely a learning experience! Desired setup: RAID 0 (performance) using two 500GB hard drives for a total capacity of… Continue reading Computer upgrade status

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ACM Regional Programming Competition Wrap-up

Samford’s inaugural programming team – The Red C – 2008 Mobile, AL – The Samford University programming team placed first in the “1st timers” sub-competition at the 2008 Southeastern regional programming competition. They solved two problems quickly and had a number of solutions in the works when time was called. To put it in perspective,… Continue reading ACM Regional Programming Competition Wrap-up

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2008 ACM Mid-Southeast Fall Conference

I just submitted an abstract titled “Investigating the impact of Ajax on server load in a web 2.0 application” to the upcoming 2008 ACM Mid-southeast Fall Conference. This annual conference is held each year in Gatlinburg, TN and is a great place for students and faculty to present current research and make connections for future… Continue reading 2008 ACM Mid-Southeast Fall Conference

ACM Programming Practice

I am coaching a team of students preparing to put their programming skills to the test in the 2008 ACM Southeast USA Regional competition and then hopefully onto the world finals in Stockholm, Sweeden. Today we solved a practice problem from the 2006 regional competition. Check out the ACM programming page for details, the problem,… Continue reading ACM Programming Practice