Computer upgrade: one week update

check out the coffee cups

The computer upgrade has gone really well, but it has been quite an adventure. The coffee cups on the table tell the story — lots of early mornings and late nights! The early results have been very promising on two fronts: 1) Individual maps can be produced two to three times faster than the original machine. 2) I was inspired during the upgrade to write a workshop paper for ICSE 2009 documenting my usage of Microsoft Office OneNote to bring from idea to live e-commerce website!

All that is left at this point is to replace the graphics card I am currently borrowing with ATI’s top “entry-level” card, the ATI HD 4670, which should be arriving on Tuesday. Since ATI is now owned by AMD, this is a great way of spreading the love around between processor manufacturers since everything else in the system is Intel-based.

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