Revamped website, current projects

I have switched to a blog format for my entire website, so check back often for updates. The site map that you see on the left will remain relatively static, so start there if you are looking for specific information about me or my work. There is also a search box in the upper right. Try it out, type “web”, press enter, and you will see a list of pages on this site containing that keyword.

Current projects

The most recent project I have undertaken is researching the possibility of forming a non-dedicated cluster of computers for general faculty use here at Samford University. My initial findings suggest using BOINC as a platform to create a Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center. One of the challenges will be to make it as easy as possible for faculty at Samford to write programs that will take advantage of the computing power available in a Supercomputing Center. I am envisioning the creation of a website where potential programmers can fill out a form to automatically generate the required project files to convert existing C/C++ projects into BOINC compatible programs. Tips or suggestions greatly appreciated from those who have experience working in this area!

This website itself is part of an extended research project that I am undertaking to provide tools to make it easier for faculty members to maintain an up-to-date personal faculty web page and vitae.

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